Where are the Feminists?

Three mishaps engineered by inhuman beings of society are enough to suggest the current plight of women in the developing India.
Government boasts of reaching a growth rate of double digits with the help of morally corrupt workforce.

The incidents are not only morally gross they are vulgar, sickening and disgusting.

First two of them have got immense media coverage however the latest has failed to grab the attention of media.

While the news websites were covering Bipasha dancing with prostitutes in Brazil, Shilpa suffering racism comments after being paid Rs.3Crores to appear in a reality show. Few other channels are busy dissecting SRK’s performance on KBC, the news of a woman being gang raped for no fault of her was missing.

Migrated laborers working in a Scrapyard.Her husband Ablul Karim stole a hammer and sold it for Rs.112 (less than $3) to pay medical expenses of her 3 year old ailing daughter who has suffered a kidney failure.

This information was enough for the owner and 6 others from the same locality to strip
the lesser mortal in front of her wife and child. Tie him to a pole and beat him with iron rods for hours.

They get hold of woman and the child who tried to flee the place to seek some help. The callous and brutal hungry for sex asked the woman to choose between life of her husband and her modesty.

The moral corrupts raped the woman one by one for more than hour in a close building under construction and later killed her Love.

Abdul Karim was given mud when he asked for water.

The only news channel covering this news to a certain extent was NDTV.

While the feminists are busy burning burqa’s , who is going to protect these women in plight?

Where are you Shobana ,Shabana and Taslima?