Salaam Bombay/Shame Mumbai!!!

Bombay or Mumbai as it is called now is representative of prosperous India, embark of dominance of British rule and later commercial capital of modern, independent India.

Gateway of India standing tall facing Arabian Sea is a symbol of Majestic Indian history.

A sordid tale on 31st December 2006 occurred in full glaze in this resilient Mumbai which responded so stupendously to the 7/11 train explosions.

Hundreds of men had gathered at Gateway of India to enjoy cracker show,marking the onset of New Year. Amidst them was a young lady with a male companion. The crowd was bustling with enthusiasm.

Shadab Khan, a journalist covering this event from a temporary post was astonished as he zoomed his camera. He was baffled to find a bunch of morally pervert scoundrels tearing of the woman’s clothes into pieces and touching her in presence of all. The faint sound of this woman grappling could not be heard in the sea of men. The only man trying to protect her was her companion.

Police reached late as it does in Hindi movies. Police has identified the miscreants based on the pictures taken and have detained few comes as the only consolation.

This is not the only incident reported.Similar incident happened with Lee and Maya , Australian couple visiting India.

Incredible India!