Being a refugee

“Art of Flight” is a distressing documentary illustrating the plight of Sudanese refugees fleeing to Egypt.
Conflict in Sudan is one of the oldest ongoing civil war started in late 80’s.
Muslims in North and Christians in south fighting to prove there superiority over the other.
Men talk only of guns and often children are kidnapped to serve the military outfits.
Women, their tale is no different. They are exploited as slave women, bonded labors or concubines.

Dreams of young who believe UNHRC will grant them a refugee status and a resettlement in USA.

Documentary tells a sorry tale of Jeremy who has to stay at home for taking care of his 6 children as Men cannot work and his wife the lone bread winner goes to work on Monday and returns back only on Saturday.

Soulful music by Al-Khafiyeen who play concerts for themselves.