Aids in Zimbabwe

Aids in Zimbabwe
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Zimbabwe, a country in South Africa is one of the worst affected by AIDS epidemic.
Statistics can be as shocking as it could be.25% of Adult population is estimated to be Living with HIV/AIDS.
Review few of the following facts;
1)The first case of AIDS in Zimbabwe was reported in 1985.
2)1.8 million people were living with AIDS in 2003 i.e on in four adults and approximately 200,000 are new infections every year.
3)Nine in Ten deaths among Zimbabwean adults are due to HIV/AIDS.
4)Women account for 58% of total AIDS infections.
5)1,20,000 children in Zimbabwe were estimated to be affected.
6)In the age group of 15-24, 74% of women and 83% of men are living with HIV/AIDS.

Well, that is not all, patients as old as 80 years have to work to earn there livelihood
How do we explain this disaster in words?