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Arab summit:

Arab summit in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia ended with Palestine and other Arab countries urging Israel for peace.

United Sates has welcomed the initiative.The peace plan put forth in 2002  advocates Israel to return to 1967 pre-war boundaries.

President Mahmud Abbas has requested not to reject “hand of peace”.

Israel see this as a positive development and has called for negotiation without setting any preconditions.

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Guantanamo Bay

Amidst mounting pressure from Human Right groups and intense International pressure and criticism, US Defence Secretary has said to close the Guantanamo Bay prison. However he emphasised that few of international captives be not provided with legal assistance and set themselves free, hence holding them in prison for life.

Guantanamo Bay has 385 international prisoners few held since last 5 years without any legal prosecution.Meanwhile Britain has secured the release of their last national in the prison, who was living with a prayer mat and Koran.


While United States has rejected Saudi view of Iraq bieng occupied , senate has defied Presidents  veto threat to enforce a deadline on troup pullout in Iraq.Democratic controlled Senated voted 51-47 to set a deadline of 31st March, 2008 for complete pullout.

However today was one of the bloodiest day in Iraq as 130 people died , as suicide bombers blew atleast three car bombs within minutes.

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