News today


Iraq had one of the bloodiest weeks as bombings claimed 300 lives and
Iraq is at the brink of a civil war. Meanwhile prime minister has called for

Iran on the other hand is at a standoff with Britain, as it has captured British Naval soldiers as they allegedly entered Iranian waters.

Iran has released a five minute video and has warned of legal prosecution if
Britain does not resolve the matter with due negotiation.


Israeli premier Ehud Olmert has expressed his interest in holding talks with
Saudi Arabia and other moderate Arabs however has made it clear they are not ready to accept it “as it is”.


Intense fighting between Pakistani locals and foreigners linked to Al-Qaeda killed 52 people.


A helicopter gunship was shot down by rebels inMogadishu fighting
Mogadishu, fighting against Ethiopian and Somali troops. At least 30 people were killed as shells rained and tanks fired shattering homes.

Morocco has received a loan of $117.3 million from Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC).

Zimbabwe is looking for EU aid to help itself in the deepening food crisis.


A record number of countries, to be precise 204 have entered the qualifying fray for 2010 soccer world cup in
South Africa.


Transplant tourism is increasing as the number of volunteer donors is not able to meet the growing demand of organs.

While WHO is interested setting up new guidelines as people from countries like Pakistan, Egypt and Philippines are being exploited by brokers to donate their organs for commercial value.

Science/Technology  ICANN, the organization that oversees the domain registration has rejected a proposal to have .xxx for domain registration.