Human trafficking, Fake encounters and Sex retreat-Incredible !

While Chandigarh is busy opening condom bars and Shilpa Shetty has found another way to be in news after Big Brothers’ house.This is time miss had a kiss with hollywood star Richard Gere.More so in Uttar Pradesh goons turned politicians are facing each other in elections, there are few other murkier stories to make the nerves chilling.

IPS officers involved in fake encounters killing alleged extortinist Sohrabuddin Sheikh in November 2005.Later police murdered and burnt his innocent wife Kausar Bi in order to destroy the evidence.

An accomplice of Sohrabuddin, Tulsiram Prajapati was killed next year in December 2006.

Read here how police conspired and eliminated Sohrabuddin.

As Ishrat Jahan’s mother plans to reopen the case , the other  similar encounter story where a 19 year college goer was killed with her accomplice in 2004 for allegedly being a LeT millitant, has put Gujarat police in the corner.

The other disturbing racket involving the law makers is that of human trafficking of women on fake passports.After the surrender of alleged kingpin Rashid Khan who is denying any involvement in the racket , surely lid is set to blow off.

While nation is bustling with criminal activities a FIR has been registered against a silent retreat center in Kerala, on charges of cheating, forceful confinement, causing hurt by poison and dangerous weapons and destruction of evidence. Police claim close to 975 mysterious deaths took place at the retreat centre in the last decade.