Presidential Polls:Pratibha Patil-Foot in mouth


Pratibha Patil, designated to be first Indian President if all goes well, has got her foot in the mouth at wrong time.

While third front has unanimously  proposed scientist and incumbent president A.P.J Abdul Kalam for another term, comments from Pratibha Patil come at the wrong time.

Ms Patil, 72 , believed to have the best C.V’s UPA could choose from , has had a non-controversial, clean and secular record. However her comments on the tradional veil followed by muslims and hindus alike in some parts of India has enraged Muslims.

 Historians too dsagree with Pratibha who said veil was introduced to save onslaught on women from Mughal invaders to India.

As Indian muslims are used to making mountain of a mole, raising a cry against Pratibha is not a surprise.

However, what would be more interesting to see is who wins the run up to Rashtrapati Bhavan this time.

Pratibha Patil is in news again , as spirits are speaking to her.The UPA presidential candidate seems to have a panache to spring surprises and this time too she has done it succesfully.While UPA has declined support for incumbent president and eminent scientist Mr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Pratibha is definitely making headlines. Read more about this story, posted by indscribe.

*While Shiv Sena has decided to back “Marathi Manoos” Prathibha Patil, NDA is accusing its bete-noire of betrayal.IBN Live reports here.

*Bravo! To-be President of India does a turn around once again. This time , Pratibha Patil finds Mughals introduced veil as they respected women.

Do Indians deserve Pratibha as their next President?