Presidential Polls: Drama continues

Though I am not a great supporter of Pratibha Patil as the next president of India, however NDA and BJP in specific are trying to do, what they can do best.

Arun Shourie aka ex. Minister for Disinvestment is busy pouring muck on Pratibha, trying to malign her much cleaner image.

One would expect BJP, a national party, garnering support for their presidential candidate. However there behavior is akin of a warrior who has already lost a battle.

Bahiron Singh Shekhawat – himself not a clean politician is fielded as independent candidate .While Mr. Shekawat is banking on inner conscience of Indian politicians (that’s an oxymoron statement for sure!) to vote him to make up for the deficit, BJP is busy trying up to dig up the past of Ms. Patil.

Profile/Allegations: Mr.Shekhawat