Knighthood to Rushdie- A gimmick?

RushdieConferring knighthood to Rushdie, Indian born British author is a surprise, though one can expect that it will not reprieve Muslim anger.

A celebrity himself , Rushdie at 60 is set to divorce his celebrity wife & model Padma Laxmi.

Rushdie famous/infamous for his work The Satanic Verses is on the run from his home country since 1989, as Iran issued a fatwa to kill him. 

While the Muslim world is protesting, failed attempts of bomb explosion in Glasgow and London come as a shock.

However, as doctors of Asian origin are allegedly at the helm of conspiracy, could it be another shock and awe strategy?DoctorConsidering the fact that there are more than 1, 17,000, doctors in UK government’s National Health Scheme & UK’s preference to home grown European doctors, bomb attacks in Glasgow might be a well thought out plan.

As British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO) is up against arms with UK Home Office who is not relenting to change the immigration and work permit policy for the Indian and Non- European Union doctors.


July, set as the deadline for new immigration policy, Knighthood to Rushdie which of course is sufficient enough to welcome the ire of Muslim community and subsequent façade of failed suicide attempts can be reality!