Kafeel a terrorist, who else?

If one can believe that Kafeel a student of above average caliber can be a terrorist, then one can also buy my version of story:

Kafeel was befriended by religious zealots, however he was averse to their intentions.

The plot at London & Glasgow failed attempts are a façade and were planned to be a farce to create panic in public.

Meanwhile Kafeels’ friend had planned for an attack.On that day Kafeel was driving van, not knowing what it contained. While he was driving, his companion forced him to drive it into airport and Kafeel would not agree to it. There was a scuffle and  vehicle rammed into the parking. His companion sets him into a ball of fire or may be someone else.

Probably ,those reading this blog may have a better version of this story and others may call me insane.However knowing that; 

>British Police detained Mohammed Abdul Kahar and Abul Koyair only to release them later.Kafeel

>British Prime Minister, Tony Blair had lied to the parliament & was lamented for sexing up the dossier to convince to go to war with Iraq.

>British Police had also detained 21 young British of subcontinent origin plotting for a large bombing, however it has not proved anything either.

There are other reasons that make it hard to believe Kafeel could ever be a terrorist.

>Kafeel Ahmed, scored 87% in his Mechanical Engineering degree.

>He was reserved student,articulate best in debates and also took part in extra curricular activities while never neglecting his studies.

>Kafeel was working on a project to improve the reading ability of visually impaired, as an expert in Computational Fluid Dynamics at Angila Technological University, Cambridge.

>Kafeel was also part of a team of professors and faculty members, which produced annual research report of Cambridge and Chelmsford universities in the UK.

God forbid, if Kafeel is really what media is reporting, there is something terribly wrong!