Mohammed Haneef : Terroist suspect or test of patience?

Mohammed Haneef

Excuse me for not agreeing with comments on this post “mentally unstable, socially crippled or simply excruciatingly lonely, then what he needs is a group of people who will offer him support.” to drive the point that Mohammed Haneef and Sabeel Ahmed , the doctor duo held for questioning in failed Glasgow & London bombings.

As Mohammed Asif Ali is released with out charge, let’s try to know more of Muhammed Haneef. & understand why I disagree  :

1)      His MBBS final-year statement of marks shows he scored a total of 1027 out of 1450 – more than 70 per cent. He had 326/400 in general medicine, 278/400 in surgery, 274/400 in obstetrics and gynaecology and 149/250 in paediatrics.

2)      Mohammed Haneef is a shouldering responsibility of his family, a lone bread winner, supporting his widowed mother, wife and brother studying engineering. He fathered a baby girl on June 26th ,2007.

 3)      The hospital where he worked – rostered to general medicine and surgery – saw him as a “model citizen”, Queensland Premier Peter Beattie said. 

4)      The principal of Dr Ambedkar Medical College and Hospital, from where Haneef graduated and where he did his internship till late 2003, would agree.Remembering him as a “quiet and sensitive” boy, Dr B.R. Ramesh said: “He was conversant in both English and Kannada, and used to help others. It is hard to imagine him as part of any terrorist plot.”

 5)      In addition to this his manager Dr Brian Bell has this to say about Mohammed Haneef  “He’s a fairly quiet doctor, very conscientious, and performed at a very high clinical standard and he is very well regarded by his colleagues and patients “

Teslo Palace 

 The Gold Coast Hospital (L); The Telesto Place Apartments on the Gold Coast where Haneef lived

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