Terrorist plot and the Terminaly Ill

Glasgow bomber

Most of the reports published since failed London & Glasgow bombings, have been absolutely absurd, few blatant lies, outright assumption and other few even ridiculous.

To give all of us a good laugh, Bangalore police after not gaining a single clue for more than year and half, is now investigating if Kafeel was involved in attacks on IISc (Earlier it was suspected it was masterminded by LeT).


According to me article written by Sanjay Suri (published by The News Today Bangladesh and Outlook India (July 16, 2007 now on stands) titled Terminal Illness is the most substantive & subtle description of failed bombings.


Author takes into account situational evidences when he mentions “The Glasgow attempt was just as clumsy. Driving a jeep into a building in Glasgow was never in itself going to set off an explosion. When the driver later set fire to it, burning himself first, no damage was done at the airport that some builders cannot fix in a week. Again, a quite untrained move. But one that is both reassuring and worrying. Reassuring, because almost certainly no real terrorist group was behind these attempts. Worrying, because the attempt shows how commonly available material such as petrol and gas cylinders can be deployed to shake up a nation. And if tapped more effectively through a detonating device, to blow up bits of it as well.


Sanjay explains the psyche of perpetrators “The one doctor against whom there’s a watertight case is Bilal Abdullah, the Iraqi in the jeep that crashed into the Glasgow airport building. More than the July 7 bombers who had talked of their anger over Iraq, he would have reason to be angry. Early reports suggest Abdullah graduated from a Baghdad medical college in 2004–a year after the invasion of Iraq led by the United States and Britain. He would have seen in that year the brutal face of the invasion, and like the rest of Iraq would have lost the dream of the invaders bringing to Iraq the sort of democracy and development they know back home. An associate of his has said in an interview to the BBC that Abdullah was “very angry about the West”, that he “actively cheered the deaths of British and American troops in Iraq“.

The article would be incomplete without the expected backlash “And given the naming of Indians as suspects, their seeking a future in Britain‘s health service could now become an unintended casualty. Read the complete article:

The News Today Bangladesh

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