Mohammed Haneef: Test of patience, really!

Haneef SupportAs Australian Federal Police was not able to prove any involvment in the acts of terror , detained Dr. Haneef for more than 10 days .As Dr.Haneef was brought him to the court on charge of being “reckless” as his SIM was used by Kafeel Ahmed, the perpetrator of Glasgow bombings, could not provide any face saving grace.

Dr.Haneef , first detainee under Australia’s 2004 anti-terrorism act, was released after a $10,000 bail which was accepted.

However, the wait for him to reach India to meet his mom,wife and new born daughter ,seems to be getting more longer as his visa has been cancelled and is moved to immigration detention center.

Hoping Government of India, intervenes and helps Haneef’s family at this tough moment

While civil activists are protesting his detention, it is a Test of patience, really! L