Hinduhit v/s Rashtrahit



It was not all that surprising for Mr.L.K.Advani to revise one of the most famous slogan,

“Jo Hinduhit ki baat karega , wahi desh pe raaj karega” to “Jo Rashtrahit ki baat karega, wahi desh pe raaj karega”….

Advani, at 84 knows this is his last chance to be Prime Minister of India & he has tried every bit to convince the politicos & the aam admi that he is not a hardliner.

If it is change of heart for the one who infamously led masses of people to the unfortunate demolishen of Babri Masjid, or it is the desire to be PM, irrespective of the cause, it is important to know, Advani has realised he cannot rule with divisive politics.

Though democracy is a number game & more than 80% may be Hindus, he cannot dream to be a Prime Minister without the support of remaining.

One has to apeal to 100% of Indians.

Hats of to Indian democracy , which is riddled by petty local issues, corruption, underworld influence has has not allowed divisive forces to rule the country on whole.

While monsoon gives a slip to most of Southern & Western India,Advani’s remarks are welcome change.