Terrorism & Indian connection

India is bearing the brunt of terrorism since the beginning of cold war.Kashmir has been the Achilles heel for India since Independence.Candles1

We have seen the Kashmir Insurgency were sizeable Kasmiri’s or Indians were involved in the so called freedom movement.

While the snowy mountains of Himalayas are returning to peace the other parts of India are being rocked by blasts.

Purportedly by an organization called Indian Mujahideen. I have explained in my previous blog why they are not Mujahid & referring them so is derogatory to the word Jihad.

Now let us try to understand the Indian connection of it.

Outlook gives a chronlogy of bomb blasts in India since October 2005 in different parts of the country. The last three serial blasts including Ahemadabad blasts have been carried out in BJP rules states.

Until the  Gujrat massacre Indians were unheard of participating in terrorist organization however that view has to be changed.

As much as these  blasts are no different than shock & awe that are carried out by warring nations against each other, it is a call to wake up Indian governments at state & center not to alienate any of the constituents of people how small or big.

As it has become, extremely difficult to identify the actual perpetrators of those carrying out these blasts.

It is important to all Indians to understand as Advani has already , that one cannot rule with peace till they work for Rashtrahit