Muslim Prime Minister for India

While speaking to students at Aligarh Muslim University Rahul Gandhi was asked,”How much will it take long for India to get a Muslim Prime Minister ?”
39-year-old Gandhi scion replied “It is not about what religion or community you come from, it is what you bring to the table, what capability you have”.He also said “And let me tell you something that even when you do have a Muslim prime minister, he will be a prime minister because he is the most capable person,” .


Guess what Bal Thacrey , leader of Shiv Sena had to say in reply for Rahul’s comments? DNA , a Mumbai daily reported the following ;

“Rahul is not the owner of the country. He should ensure that Muslims follow a common civil code, family planning, support Ram temple at Ayodhya and Vande Mataram is made compulsory for them. Only then a Muslim can become the PM”

Updated : January 18th, 2010